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Organizations in Madison that are Supporting Racial Justice

Slow Food UW works to serve not only the UW campus, but the Madison community as a whole. We believe that Wisconsin, and Madison in particular have failed Black communities, and other communities of color. As an org that works directly with food justice, we strongly believe racial justice is the same fight. Therefore, we stand in solidarity with the anti-racist fight for social justice, and support the call for systemic change. In support, we’ve donated to two organizations that we believe align with our vision. Urban Triage Inc. is a wonderful org that “is on a mission to empower Black families and co-conspirators while mobilizing community resources and distributing them to those most in need, and at the same time, engaging systems in implementing systematic, sustainable, equitable, and clinically sound approaches to health behavior and prevention.” The other org we chose to donate to is Freedom Inc. They “engage low- to no-income communities of color in Dane County, WI. We work to end violence against people of color, women, those that non-traditionally gender identify, youth, and our elders, to promote a healthy lifestyle.  We create healthy communities by campaigning against the root causes of violence, creating our own definitions of identity and resiliency, and empowering all community members as agents of change.” We want to follow their lead and support organizations in our community, please consider donating and supporting other Madison based organizations that are actively working towards racial justice including Freedom Inc., Urban Triage, and Free The 350 Bail Fund. 

Freedom Inc.:

Urban Triage:

Freedom The 350 Bail Fund:

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