Take Out Meals in a Pandemic

This past week, Slow Food treated guests to a home-cooked and locally sourced fresh meal. This week was just one of many that SFUW has been able to provide takeout meals for the UW students and citizens of Madison. The meal of the week, consisting of vegetarian chili, baked potatoes, a side salad, and an apple crisp was a locally sourced way to feed the community. Slow Food carefully selects its menu each week, and extra meals are given to local organizations. Takeout meals are Slow Food’s way of doing its part to end hunger. 

Slow Food’s Kitchen Director, Ali Badger, has been taking the lead in the kitchen of The Crossing to help staff prepare and distribute bi-weekly takeout meals. Doing something like this in-person during a pandemic is not easy to plan. Ali, while disappointed that Slow Food is not able to remain as it once was with in-person dinner nights, is grateful for what it still is: “We are so fortunate for our dedicated interns and executive board that pushed so hard and spent hours creating projects this semester that continue to benefit our community, as well as foster a welcoming space for people to continue to learn about the challenges of food service during a pandemic.” Slow Food UW is a group effort, and Ali has been one of the amazing leaders who has guided the rest of the program through staying afloat in a difficult time. 

One theme of the pandemic seems to be essential teamwork. Each of Slow Food’s sectors has been collaborating to come up with creative ways to run food distribution safely. We as a society can take notes from Slow Food. When we put others first and work with each other, we are guaranteed to find modern solutions to an era that seems unprecedented. 

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