Dining Room Mural Project


Slow Food UW and The Crossing are seeking artists to create a collaborative mural instillation in our dining room. Each artist will have creative authority to paint a section of the mural, and will work with other artists to meld their pieces together into a cohesive mural. Our dining room is a shared space located in the basement of The Crossing where over 400 people per week come through for various Slow Food UW events and other events.

The goal of this project is to bring new life into our shared dining space and create a visual reminder about the importance of social justice. Social justice is both the process and goal of creating equitable economic, political, and social opportunities for all individuals and groups, which is a shared mission of Slow Food UW and The Crossing. This project offers community artists an opportunity to not only expand their portfolio, showcase their art, and make a living wage, but also help advance social justice by sparking conversation through their work.

Theme: Social Justice

Compensation: $18/hr (up to 20hrs) + cost of materials

How to apply:

  • Submissions containing the following information should be sent to slowfooduw@gmail.com: 
    • 3-5 photographic samples of your work
    • 3 sentences on why this project interests you 
    • 3 sentences about what social justice makes you think of
  • Deadline for submission: November 11th at 11:59PM

Timeline and Deadlines:

  • You will be notified regarding acceptance by November 21st at 12:00PM.
  • All artists will meet on November 30th (time TBD) to see the space, meet your collaborators and begin your designs.
  • Artists will have access to The Crossing between January 2nd- January 18th to paint.
  • Grand unveiling party will be on February 1st or 2nd. Food and drinks will be provided.
Details on Space
Each artist will get an area from floor to ceiling that are rough equal divisions of the room. The totally flat space pictured below will likely have 1-2 artists.
Some artists may like the more interesting 3 dimensional spaces with pipes, windows, protruding walls etc., while others may want the flatter spaces. The division of the room will be decided by all the artists at their meeting on November 30th.
We will have the space primed white and ready to go.
Pictured below is part of the room that will be painted:
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