Badger Rock Family Cooking Night

Internship Description

Help prepare a tasty local meal with the families of Badger Rock Community Center using ingredients from their community garden plots and greenhouse. Interns should be comfortable engaging with and assisting kids with measuring, mixing, chopping or other technical kitchen skills that are hard for little hands. Connect with the kids and their families in the energetic kitchen environment and the following dinner. The cooking night is organized and led by the Farmer-In-Residence at Badger Rock Middle School, Sarah Karlson. 

Average Time Commitment

3-4 hours per week helping kids prepare food in stations around the kitchen.


Tuesday nights 5:30-8:00 or later if you want to stay to dine with the group. 

Responsibilities and Expectations  

  • Using public transportation or bike (if no access to car) to get to Badger Rock
  • Enjoy working with eager kids in a stimulating kitchen environment
  • Able to engage with kids
  • Minimal cooking knowledge to help lead kids through recipes 
  • Communication with Sarah to coordinate arrival times and duties for the day
  • Help set out prepped ingredients for the meal
  • Help clean up counter space and dishes as needed throughout the night

Interested in applying? Click here!

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