Behind the Scenes

Slow Food UW’s projects could not succeed without the commitment of the students on our communications team and finance team.


The communications team manages Slow Food UW’s online presence and writes our weekly newsletters to keep all of our community members up-to-date. They are the voice of our organization, and they work actively to spread the word about the work we do.

Communications Team

Lily Johnson, Director

Ashley Hampton, Intern


The finance team tackles a wide variety of challenges and keeps the organization on its feet financially. They track revenue and expenses at every meal we host, they create and manage fundraisers, they apply for grants, and they manage our annual budget. Our strong finance team empowers us to broaden our community’s reach by keeping us financially healthy and by helping us grow our resources each year.

Finance Team

Samuel Hause, Director

Merek Williams   |   Emily Vesper   |   Anna Wright