Cafe Cook

Internship Description  

The SFUW Cafe mission is developed through the idea that each week’s menu is crafted from scratch and with locally sourced, wholesome ingredients. We pride ourselves on the high quality food that is offered for an affordable price and appreciated by all customers diets. Menu planning takes place two weeks in advance of the corresponding service and involves crafting a seasonal, cohesive menu with the rest of the team, calculating ingredient amounts and developing a plan of action for the current week. Prep takes place on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning and ranges from chopping veggies, oven roasting/baking, stove top cooking and stock-making. Although this prep time can range from  4-8 hours, interns are able to work out a schedule with the rest of the team to meet school and work needs. Service begins at 11:30am on Wednesdays and involves an active process of plating, running and dish washing. Cleaning begins when the Cafe closes at 1:30pm.

Average Time Commitment

~12-15 hours/week

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Duties include menu planning, prepping, cooking, cleaning and service to over 200 people.
  • Be able to attend prep and/or service on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons
  • Work well in a team acting as a leader while also making sure all cooks’ voices are heard.
  • Work well under pressure (previous experience in a restaurant and or kitchen is a plus, but not mandatory).
  • Creative with menu planning, maximizing transparency, and sharing information about recipes and ingredients with our customers.
  • Comfortable giving direction to volunteers.
  • Being able to effectively balance a busy service environment with unexpected challenges and being quick on your feet.
  • Having a divine taste in music is a plus!

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