Cafe Co-Director

Position Description

The Cafe Co-Director position focuses on bridging all aspects of Cafe (cooking/prepping, serving, cleaning), while providing the structural meetings and guidance that allow Cafe to function. Knowing the inner workings of Cafe is important, and clear organizational abilities are a must. Cafe service is from 11:30-1:30 every Wednesday, serving local food to around 100+ people each week at a price point of $5-7.

Average Time Commitment

10-12 hours per week, depending on efficiency in the kitchen

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Welcoming and coordinating between volunteers and interns of many backgrounds
  • Being an organized leader in the kitchen, making sure to follow food safety regulations
  • Working with Cafe interns and the sourcing team to plan the weekly menu
  • Emailing organizations, restaurants, and student organizations to collaborate with for our events (Work with the Outreach team on this)
  • Availability on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings and afternoons

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