Cafe Director

Internship Description  

The Cafe Director position focuses on bridging between all aspects of Cafe (sourcing, cooking/prepping, serving, cleaning), while providing the structural meetings and guidance that allow Cafe to function. Besides helping in the kitchen, the Director lays out the structure of Cafe, including emailing potential cooperative organizations and food groups that you’d like to work with. Knowing the inner workings of Cafe is important, and clear organizational abilities is a must. The director also makes the weekly Facebook event.

Average Time Commitment

12-15 hours/week

Responsibilities and Expectations  

  • Seeing work in the kitchen through
  • Working with Cafe Head Chef on progress/direction of the project as a whole
  • Weekly Facebook event
  • Emailing organizations, restaurants and student organizations to collaborate with for our events
  • Help lead Wednesday Cafe service
  • Coordinating between volunteers and interns of many backgrounds
  • Availability on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings and afternoons
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