Kitchen Manager

Position Description  

The ideal kitchen intern is going to be of sophomore/junior standing and has an interest in staying involved with Slow Food for at least 2 semesters. They will become Food ServSafe certified in the state of Wisconsin (depending on the year in school) and will be a resource to all other Slow Food interns about Food Safety inquiries. This person ideally is eager about working in a kitchen, adaptable, and can work well with others.

Average Time Commitment

  • 2- 3hrs/week of kitchen work
  • Wednesday 2:30 – 4:30pm or Thursday morning/afternoon 

*times subject to change, but not dates*

Responsibilities and Expectations  

  • The kitchen intern will collaborate weekly with current the Kitchen Director, Angelina Mico, or independently to:
  1. Ensure proper equipment use/maintenance by performing weekly/semesterly service checks
  2. Perform general kitchen organization including cleaning tasks, weekly organizational projects, managing supply orders, and regulation of meal service cleaning logs
  3. Track storage amounts and location for all dry, refrigerator, and freezer goods through a Google spreadsheet weekly
  4. Communicate regularly with all directors about all kitchen projects and updates

Intern Outcomes

The kitchen intern position is a starting point for anyone interested in foodservice management/kitchen administration. Responsibilities of this position will be shared between the intern and director (Angelina Mico) in Fall 2022. The goal of this position is to train someone to take over the Kitchen Manager Director position in Spring 2022. The intern will gain leadership, communication, and kitchen management experience. This position is extremely vital for all foodservice operations at Slow Food UW.

Interested in applying? Click here!

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