Cafe Head Chef

Internship Description  

Along with the Cafe cooks, the Head Chef focuses on utilizing and prepping the ingredients that Cafe suppliers source locally for service (200-250 people).  Besides the duties of a Cafe cook, the Head Chef is a leadership position within Cafe that allows an individual to further facilitate efficiency in the kitchen.  This position requires organization, the ability to work under pressure, problem-solving, and strong communication skills. With the support and shared responsibilities of the cooks, the Head Chef is someone to look to for final cooking/food decisions and recipe specifications.

Average Time Commitment

12-15 hours/week

Responsibilities and Expectations  

  •  Same responsibilities as Cafe Cook along with:
  • Working with Cafe Director on progress/direction of the project as a whole
  • Researching and interpreting specific recipes for each week’s menu, calculating scaled-up amounts, and filling in the menu planning google document
  • Designing a weekly, instruction document for prepping
  • Help lead Wednesday, Cafe service (communicating with front-of-the-house cashiers with updated amounts, ensuring quality dishes to customers, etc.)
  • Being familiar with recipes/instructions for each week (don’t have to be an expert in all cooking methods, cuisines, etc., just knowledgeable enough to perform and answer questions while prepping)
  • Promoting collaboration and cooperation among everyone in the kitchen
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