Cafe Intern

Internship Description

The cafe intern is a part of the Cafe team that provides a weekly, a la carte-style lunch for the Madison community that is sourced from local and seasonal ingredients. Cafe interns help with recipe planning, scaling, and cooking in the kitchen. They also have the opportunities to help organize meal collaborations and source for the meals at local farmer’s markets. This internship is a great way to “dip your toes” into the Slow Food UW community while also contributing greatly to one of the branches of Slow Food UW’s weekly operations. Prior kitchen experience is appreciated, but not required.

Average Time Commitment

3-8 hrs/week

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Meet the general internship requirements listed on the “Internship Requirements” tab
  • Large weekly availability on Tuesday evenings for meal preparation and/or Wednesday mornings and afternoons for meal preparation, service, and clean-up.

Interested in applying? Click here!

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