Cafe Supplier

Internship Description  

The SFUW Cafe mission is developed through the transparency that is established with our menus. We spend time to craft our own menus that directly reflect what is available seasonally. The SFUW Cafe strives to be as transparent as possible with our sourcing and value the relationships made with each and every food producer, farmer and food establishment we work with. As a supplier, you will be attending farmers markets around Madison to purchase fresh produce and also help build connections with local wholesale suppliers.

Average Time Commitment

4-7 hours/week

Responsibilities and Expectations  

  • Have an eagerness to get involved with the local Madison food scene.
  • Research seasonality and farmers markets open during all four seasons
  • Network with all different kinds of farmers ranging in food specialty, scale and ethnicity.
  • Act as a liaison between the supplying chain and the kitchen.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to stay on a budget.
  • Being a morning person, with a great attitude and easy going approach to challenges is a plus!
  • Be available to source on Saturday mornings
  • Excellent communication skills to and willingness to build relationships with suppliers

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