South Madison

Since 2008, Slow Food-UW has encouraged students to trek down South Park Street to meet local farmers, interact with community members, and visit the restaurants and businesses along the way. This campus-community partnership promotes a “two-way street” of learning between UW-Madison and South Madison.

This branch began at the South Madison Farmers’ Market when we asked market manager Robert Pierce, “What can Slow Food-UW do to help you?” Robert immediately asked us to engage with youth and teach them how to cook. From there, we sought to aid preexisting organizations and community-led efforts in promoting “good, clean, and fair” food through cooking, gardening, and other food-based programming. We have expanded our reach over the years and now work with the Boys and Girls Club, Odyssey Program, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, and Goodman Library.

Our South Madison programs aim to empower individuals and communities to reclaim their relationship with food. We emphasize that food is a right for all, and work to address barriers to food that includes and surpasses access. Some of these barriers may involve knowledge of healthy foods, cooking skills, or comfort with novel foods. Each of our programs actively work to promote a local food system that is both inclusive and just.

If you’re interested in learning more about the urban agricultural initiatives in the diverse communities just south of campus, join our efforts and shoot us an email at slowfooduw [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Teen Cooking Night
 SFUW interns go to the Taft Boys and Girls Club each week to collaborate with teens in creating a tasty meal or snack. We aim to show teens that they can have a tasty meal or snack using healthy alternatives to foods they already like. We strive to introduce them to new foods and teach simple cooking skills through meals that can be replicated at home.

Garden Club


SFUW interns an afterschool garden program at the Taft Boys and Girls Club. During the growing season, our garden interns engage with children in learning about soil, plants and growing food in our outdoor gardens. When it’s too chilly outside, we move inside where kids can participate in other educational activities related to gardening.

Snacks with Scientists

SFUW interns take part in the in the Afterschool Expeditions program which occurs weekly at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery for elementary and middle school students. We work to introduce the kids to new, fun, homemade snacks while engaging them with scientific activities related to food.

The Odyssey Project


The Odyssey Project gives adults facing economic barriers the opportunity to gain 6 credits of humanities through UW-Extension. SFUW interns supports their youth programs by providing healthy snacks and activities while the adults are in class.


Teen Snacks

SFUW interns go to the Goodman Library weekly to provide healthy snacks weekly and one meal monthly. We work to build relationships with local teens and act as mentors in food and general education.

Market Baskets

SFUW interns source and distribute $10 baskets of produce biweekly at the Crossing Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.13.48 PM.pngin and effort to make local foods more accessible. Interns explore different farmer’s markets and aim to get the most “bang for their buck” to provide an abundance of produce for students. We offer some baskets for free through the Pay It Forward program for students who may not otherwise afford it. If you would like to purchase a market basket, follow the link here.



South Madison Program Co-Directors

Clare Aeschbacher   |   Libby Schnepf

Teen Snacks

Ivy Ip   |   Maria Vandenlangenberg

Odyssey Adventurers & Explorers

Anna Gustafson   |   Rahim Omar   |   Hannah Cochlin   |   Jenny Steinberg

Snacks with Scientists

Danielle Golner   |   Aileen Barretto   |   Hannah Sorensen   |   Fernando Umanzor

We are searching for one more interns with the Snacks with Scientists program! Interested? Email

Teen Cooking Night

Melaney Vanspankere   |   Carly Wilson

Market Baskets

Ryleigh Chase   |   Libbi Chitwood   |   Marissa Kildow   |   Jamie Donohue

Garden Club

Delaney Gobster   |   Eric Western   |   Connor Raboine


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