Co-Executive Director

Internship Description

The role of co-executive director is to support, manage and facilitate the success of each project. The co-executive directors must work together to make proactive decisions and communicate with the rest of the directors. You are involved with every project, and therefore must understand the responsibilities of each, as well as willing to help and support every branch. This role requires a passion for bettering Slow Food UW, as well as strong commitment to daily and semester long duties. 

It is highly preferable that applicants have managed Slow Food UW projects previously.

Average Time Commitment

10-12 hours per week

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Hold weekly director meetings
  • Organize and facilitate a beginning, middle and end of semester all-intern meeting
  • Organize and facilitate a beginning middle and end of semester board meeting
  • Strong communication, delegation and team skills to support each project
  • Oversee directors in their responsibilities and offer help and support
  • Maintain strong relationship with The Crossing, duties include make sure the terms of lease are upheld

Interested in applying? Apply here!

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