Communications Internship

Internship Description

This team helps to build relationships with the community via various forms social media, as well as by developing website and newsletter content. The communication interns play a crucial role in sharing the stories of Slow Food UW and connecting with other food justice and social justice work in the community.

Recruiting for

1 Communications director

1 Communication Management/Social Media Intern

1 Graphic Design/Photography Intern

Interns Involved

1 Graphic Design/Photography Intern

1 Communication Management/Social Media Intern

To Apply

Please email all Communications internship applications by April 28th at midnight to Katy Bergeron,,  including a resume and cover letter, which must answer the following questions:

  • How did you find out about Slow Food UW?
  • How do you interpret “good, clean, fair food for all”?
  • Why do you love food?

Please follow the link below to see the specific position descriptions.

Internship Description and Hiring Information