Communications Director

Project Description

The purpose of this year-long role is to share the story of Slow Food UW to the community in the hopes to engage our followers and further increase attendance to our events. The director’s main task is to curate and send out the weekly newsletter and make sure all social media is updated. The director is responsible for overseeing interns to ensure the weekly tasks are being completed. The overall goal of the Communications position is to oversee the daily tasks, create promotional content and create new ways to engage as many community members as possible.

Average Time Commitment:

Roughly 5-10 hours a week

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Ensure updates on Instagram, Facebook, Google Calendar, and Newsletter with weekly menus with accurate information. This includes correct information about menus, chefs, dates, and culturally significance facts, specifically spelling, pronunciation, and language.
  • Attend at least one meal, South Madison project, or fundraiser per week
  • Upload all photos to Google Drive and use for “weekly recap” posts
  • Create or delegate and oversee weekly newsletters featuring Slow Food events and other campus events
  • Oversee interns to ensure the Slow Food brand is being communicated cohesively through all platforms in a timely manner
  • Oversee all social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, SFUW Website)
  • Create advertising/promotions and set guidelines as to how they can be most effectively executed
  • Continuing to implement new ways to engage new followers
  • Attend a weekly directors meeting
  • Attend and lead weekly communication team meetings