Evaluation Team

Recruiting for:

1 Director
2 Interns

Interns Involved:

South Madison Evaluation Intern

Cafe/FDN/Outreach Evaluation Intern

Project Requirements:

Our evaluation project is brand new to Slow Food UW. This means that new directors and interns this Fall of 2019 will start from a blank slate and be tasked with developing this project. Developing this project will involve; researching best practices for evaluation in the non-profit sector, determining what metrics will help SFUW assess our impact, and implementing internal and external assessment tools into SFUW’s operations. The goal is for SFUW to have better data that can be used to strategically guide our activities both in the short and long term.

To Apply:

Please send all Evaluation applications by April 28th at midnight to Clare Aeschbacher (caeschbacher@wisc.edu). Include a resume and cover letter answering the following questions:

1) How do you interpret our motto, “good, clean, fair food for all?”
2) What experience do you have collecting and evaluating both qualitative and quantitative data? If none, why are you interested in gaining this experience?
3) What other skills/experiences do you possess that would qualify you to develop and implement evaluation metrics/practices in a student run non-profit like Slow Food UW?

Please follow the link below to review specific descriptions of each position.

Internship Description and Hiring Information