Family Dinner Night

Project Description

The very first iteration of Slow Food UW and similar to the format of Cafe, FDN is a student run, not-for-profit weekly dinner service held every Monday at 6:30 PM. FDN was founded in 2009, striving to provide an affordable $5 meal to about 100-150 people every week, using local ingredients and partnering with local chefs to create a delicious 3 course menu. 

FDN interns decide amongst themselves to split the following responsibilities equally, so everyone may interchange between going to the market and cooking. Please read the following responsibilities. As an FDN intern, you are expected to attend the Dane County Farmers Market Saturday morning, help with prep (preparation of ingredients) on Sunday and Monday evening before and during service (serving the food) Monday from 6:30 to about 8:30 PM which includes a clean up afterwards.  You will also be expected to attend a weekly menu planning meeting where the following weeks’ menus will be decided.

Recruiting For

  • 1 FDN Director
  • 5 FDN Cooks

Interested in applying? Click here!

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