FDN Co-Director

Position Description

Family Dinner Night co-directors are responsible for working with the other co-director(s) to create the weekly menus, scaling ingredients, communicating with the sourcing and finance directors, holding weekly meetings, and leading the intern team in the kitchen. Each week, FDN co-directors are responsible for cooking on Sundays, serving on Mondays, keeping interns accountable for their duties, answering kitchen/cooking questions from interns, and directing the kitchen interns during service. The FDN co-director position is for someone equally as passionate about cooking and sustainability and is excited to share that with their interns and the greater UW community. The FDN co-director position requires leadership, communication skills, and flexibility. They will collaborate with chefs or student organizations. They will plan a locally sourced, fair, clean meal that that includes three courses and uses a “Pay What You Can” donation system.

Average Time Commitment

  • At least 10 hours per week during the following times:
    • 3-6 pm Sundays 
    • 3:30-9 pm Mondays 
  • About an additional 1-2 hours per week to plan menus and create sourcing lists

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Must have either already been an FDN intern for a semester or volunteered in the kitchen 5 or more times.
  • Coordinate with local chefs, student organizations and other community/campus partners to arrange guest chefs for each Monday night meal
  • Help guest chefs prepare a menu
  • Assist and lead interns & volunteers throughout the week, answering any questions and stepping in for jobs that may need completion
  • Be a cooperative and contributing member of a team
  • Ability to improvise in the kitchen when things do not go as planned 
  • Have fun and create a positive environment!

Interested in applying? Click here!

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