FDN Cook

Internship Description

Plan, prepare, and serve dinner to ~140 community members every Monday night at 6:30 pm. With the chefs, or student organizations, you will plan a locally sourced, fair, clean meal that is within the budget of $5 a plate.

Average Time Commitment

Total of 13-15 hrs 

  • Saturday Sourcing: 2 hrs 
  • Sunday Prepping: 3-5 hrs 
  • Monday cooking, serving, cleaning: 5-6 hours 

Responsibilities and Expectations  

Be assigned a specific role among the interns 

Chef Contact 

  • Contact guest chefs in order to determine a menu for the upcoming dinner 
  • Be a link between the chef and the FDN team/kitchen, ensure that the chef understands the process for FDN, answer any questions 
  • Obtain an ingredient or prep list from the chef if possible

Kitchen Manager 

  • Make sure prep list is being followed and the kitchen/fridge is clean throughout the prepping and cooking process 
  • Make sure basic items are in stock, communicate with the rest of the Slow Food team if supplies are needed 
  • Keep up with laundry 

Recipe Scaler 

  • Scale recipes to feed 150 people  
  • Create a prep list, if not provided 
  • Think about how menu will be plated (family style vs. Individual) 

Internal Finance 

  • Handle the money at the market and co-op 
  • Keep track of how much money was spent where, which farms we sourced from, how much was bought, etc. 


  • Create a fun Facebook event detailing the menu for the week (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc.) 
  • Take pictures of sourcing, prepping, and cooking to share on social media platforms  
  • Reach out to campus organizations or groups for volunteers 
  • Must have weekend availability for sourcing, prepping, and meal time 
  • Be a cooperative and contributing member of a team 

Additional Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Participate in sourcing local, fair food ingredients
  • Four jobs will be divided among the FDN interns: a chef contact (emails and converses with chef ahead of their dinner date), a kitchen manager (keeps kitchen on task and check cleanliness), a recipe scaler (scales small recipes to 150 people), and internal finance (handles the money at market)
  • Be a cooperative and contributing member of a team
  • Weekend availability is important for sourcing (Saturday morning), prepping (Sunday afternoon), meal time (3-8pm Monday) 

Interested in applying? Apply here!

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