FDN Co-Director

Internship Description

The FDN Co-Directors will work together with their crew of interns to plan, prepare, and serve dinner to ~140 community members every Monday night at 6:30pm. They will collaborate with interns and directors across Slow Food UW to invite guest chefs (Madison chefs, student organizations, community groups) to help plan a locally sourced, fair, clean meal that is within the budget of a $5 plate. 

Average Time Commitment

Total hours spent planning, sourcing, preparing, serving, and cleaning: 10-12 hrs/ week.

Responsibilities and Expectations  

  • Prior kitchen or cooking experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Assist and lead interns throughout the week, answering any questions and stepping in for jobs that may need completion 
  • Be a cooperative and contributing member of a team
  • Coordinate with local chefs, student organizations and other community/campus partners to arrange guest chefs for each Monday night meal
  • Help guest chefs prepare a menu
  • Communicate weekly menu with the FDN Supplier
  • Large weekly availability on Sunday afternoons and evenings for meal preparation and Monday afternoons and evenings for meal preparation, service, and clean-up. 

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