FDN Finance Intern

Internship Description

This intern is responsible for managing all of Family Dinner Night’s finances. This intern will work together with the FDN Director to manage expenses within the weekly budget, coordinate pre-order ticketing, and track FDN profit. The FDN Finance intern works as a liaison between the FDN team and the Finance Team, and  maintains an open line of communication with the FDN Director as well as the Finance Director. This intern will also attend weekly finance meetings and will help assist the team with fundraising efforts. Experience with creating and maintaining expense sheets is recommended. However, any candidate may apply as long as he or she has a willingness to develop these skills.

Average Time Commitment

About 4-5 hours a week. Must be available on Monday evenings  to manage cash boxes at FDN. 

Responsibilities and Expectations 

  • Closely monitor all of FDN’s finances.
  • Create weekly expense reports.
  • Manage cash boxes at Monday Family Dinner Nights.
  • Collaborate with the Finance Director and FDN Director to ensure that FDN is a  successful project while still maintaining Slow Food UW’s value to share “good, clean, and fair food for all.”
  • Attend weekly Finances meetings.
  •  Assist the Finance Team with other fundraising efforts.
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