Finance Co-Director

Internship Description

The Finance Director is responsible for overseeing the finance team and monitoring the organization’s financial position. The director must, therefore, coordinate both within the finance team itself–to ensure that the revenue-generating activities are meeting budget amounts–and with the teams of other projects–to ensure that their funding requirements are met. The week-to-week work involves multiple trips to the bank, running the weekly finance meeting, participating in the weekly directors meeting, and checking-in on the accounts at least every-other day. Beyond these weekly responsibilities, the Finance Director is also charged with managing the organization’s tax and legal compliance. This will involve quarterly and annual submissions to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and the IRS. Leadership, budgetary, and spreadsheet experience is recommended. At the same time, however, a willingness to commit, learn, and work are more than compensatory. 

Average Time Commitment

Average 12-15 hours per week. Time commitment will vary week-to-week depending on organization needs and the timing of fundraising activities.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Oversee the responsibilities of the Cafe, FDN, and Fundraising interns
  • Closely monitor the Slow Food bank accounts and ensure, as much as possible, that all receipts/disbursements accord to project-specific finance sheets
  • Monitor Slow Food’s adherence to the organization’s budget and adjust accordingly 
  • Approve and pay large expenses (e.g. taxes, rent, insurance, kitchen appliances)
  • Attend weekly finance meetings and weekly directors’ meetings
  • Create and file all forms required to maintain 501(c)(3) status 
  • Create and file Sales & Use tax returns
  • Create and file an annual report

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