Finance/Logistics Co-Director

Internship Description

In this year-long role, the candidate will be responsible for directing meal and fundraising interns, while also ensuring effective problem-solving and communication with directors during meal events. Key tasks include providing guidance on grants and fundraising initiatives, being present at a minimum of one meal per week, and managing financial tasks such as reconciling payment accounts, spreadsheets, and reimbursements. The candidate will also monitor the organization’s bank account, engage in discussions and brainstorming sessions to develop strategies and solutions for Slow Food, and process invoice payments. Additional responsibilities encompass advising and assisting other directors on financial matters, file management, and general planning, participating in interviews, and maintaining efficient communication with sourcing partners through email and text.


  • Directing Cashier and Fundraising interns
  • Problem solving and timely communication with directors during FDN meals
  • Grant writing and advising
  • Communicating, initiating, and pursuing fundraising
  • Being present at 1 meal a week
  • Reconciliation of the Venmo, spreadsheets, and reimbursements
  • Monitoring of bank account
  • Discussions and brainstorming of solutions/strategies regarding slowfood
  • Paying & requesting invoices
  • Advising and helping out other directors with regards to money, the google drive, and general planning
  • Semester hiriing
  • Email and text communication with sourcing
  • Working with other director to maintain quickbooks

Goals and Outcomes:

In this position, the candidate can expect to achieve meaningful goals and gain valuable experience in various aspects of organizational management. By directing meal and fundraising interns and working closely with directors, the individual will develop strong leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. They will also gain hands-on experience in financial management, including reconciling accounts, budgeting, and invoice processing, which can prove invaluable in future professional endeavors. The candidate will further benefit from participating in strategic planning and brainstorming sessions, enhancing their ability to contribute to the growth and success of an organization. Overall, this role offers a unique opportunity to develop a diverse skill set, contribute to the mission of Slow Food, and create a positive impact on the local community.