Fundraising/ Grant Writing Intern

Internship Description

This intern will work to supplement Slow Food’s revenue generating projects through organizing fundraisers and campaigns to ensure all SFUW projects are adequately financed. It requires a willingness to learn about all facets of SFUW while seeking financial support for our projects. Given our non-profit status, this position allows for innovation while exploring the multitude of funding opportunities now available to us. This person will set a fundraising goal at the beginning of the semester and create and execute a plan to meet that goal. This intern will work with the Finance Director and the other Grant Writing & Fundraising intern to keep track of finances, come up with creative fundraising opportunities, and plan and execute fundraisers. This intern will also work with the Finance Director to identify and apply for grants. No grant writing experience is required, just an enthusiasm to develop these skills.

Average Time Commitment

About 3 hours a week. May be more on weeks with fundraisers or grant applications due.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Strategically plan our fundraising strategy and approach.
  • Possess solid and persuasive writing skills.
  • Clearly and concisely promote the history and mission statement of Slow Food to gain interest and financial support.
  • Seek the advice and utilize the network of university faculty and staff as beneficial resources for fundraising ideas.
  • Host and coordinate large community events directed towards fundraising.
  • Communicate regularly with directors and project leaders to assess group needs and goals and compose grant proposals and fundraising opportunities accordingly.
  • Attend weekly finance meetings.
  • Be familiar with all SFUW projects through active participation in events that allows for persuasive and descriptive funding proposals. 

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