Gala Intern

Internship Description

The Gala interns are responsible for planning, coordination and executing the biggest Slow Food UW fundraiser of the year, the Gala, and the Annual Alumni Mixer. The interns are responsible for updating the directors at weekly meetings every 3 weeks to report on progress. The goals of the Gala are to showcase local chefs, put on an amazing event and to raise money for Slow Food UW. Without the Gala, many of our projects could not happen.

Average Time Commitment

Expect to devote 5-7 hours a week to this internship. The week of the event can be significantly more.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Choose a date & venue for the gala (usually Saturday or Sunday)
  • Choose a date & venue for the mixer (usually the Friday before the gala)
  • The gala usually has a more affordable after-party for interns at a local bar/venue
  • Select 5-6 guest chefs & the menu for the Gala
  • Coordinate advertising, invitations and ticket sales
  • Coordinate a silent auction
    • Get items from local businesses
    • Get items donated from interns
  • Meet with the various venues until all variables are sorted out
  • Execute the Alumni Mixer, Gala & After Party.

Interested in applying? Click here!

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