Garden Intern

Position Description 

The garden intern is a new position to the Slow Food UW team. The garden interns will help start our small garden and composting system. The garden intern will grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that will be used during our meals throughout the semester. The interns will also gather the compost material from the kitchen and the crossing and maintain the compost system. Since this is a new position, responsibilities will be clarified throughout the semester. 

Hours and Commitment 

Those with gardening experience will be given preference, but it is not required for this position. Ideally, the interns will be available in the summer for the preliminary stages of this project. Additionally, it will be necessary that the interns are willing to self-learn these skills. Since it is a new position, the necessary days and hours will be determined throughout the semester. It is expected the interns will be capable of spending an adequate amount of time planting, weeding, composting, and harvesting in our garden. The garden will be located in the parking lot behind the crossing. 

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