Graphic Design/Photography Intern


This intern will ideally have had experience working with the Adobe cloud (specifically in Design/illustrator and photoshop). The goal of this internship is to gain experience designing and curating content to put on our social media accounts and around the campus. The projects will include taking professional style photos of our events, food and people. In addition, to design and execute promotional content for the organization and the individual events within. Both the graphic design and social media intern will collaborate to create a cohesive brand image on all of our social media platforms. 

Average Time Commitment

About 2-5 hours a week. 

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Curate, design and execute advertising promotions for print and electronic media
  • Ideally will be familiar with adobe cloud (illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) 
  • Works well independently and in collaboration with the rest of the communications team
  • Ability to go to slow food events to take pictures
  • Familiar and interest in photography 
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