Logistics Intern

Position Description

Slow Food UW’s main operation this semester is our To-Go basket program, providing students and community members with produce baskets sourced from local farmers. The Slow Food Logistics intern will be a part of a team that sets up the distribution area at the Crossing (1127 University Avenue), assembles the produce baskets, and distributes the baskets to our clients. The logistics intern will also be able to assist the Slow Food team in special events, such as collaborations with other organizations or fundraising events. A successful intern is client-facing and adaptive, working towards the logistics team’s collective goal to bring fresh, local food to our clients in an effective manner.

Average Time Commitment

3-5 hours per week


  • Dedication to community service
  • Flexible to new challenges and occasional chaotic working conditions
  • Punctual, quick thinker who can be an asset to the logistics team
  • Able to attend weekly finance/logistics meetings (30 min- 1 hr)

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Report to the Crossing (1127 University Avenue) for the distribution time period, most likely on Sundays from 1:30pm-4:15pm. 
  • Set-up, arrange, and distribute produce baskets
  • Follow COVID-19 guidelines to ensure safe distribution of goods to clients
  • Assist in non-recurring events such as organizational collaborations and fundraising events
  • Attend weekly logistics meetings to create a more efficient team environment

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