Market Basket Collaboration Intern

Position Description

Work with Recipe Development team to research and communicate with other student organizations across campus in order to increase Slow Food’s reach on campus and increase the diversity of our cuisine. Intern will reach out to organizations and form partnerships with Slow Food and aid in the process of interorganizational contact and planning of events. Examples of past collaborations include partnering with the Malaysian Student Association, the Thai Student Association, and UW Hillel. Slow Food will work with these organizations to create a menu with authentic cuisine using a combination of local food from the farmer’s market and authentic foods from Madison speciality grocery stores. This is a one semester commitment for Spring 2021. 

Average Time Commitment

2-3 hours per week

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Reach out to other RSOs on campus and forge connections with Slow Food to establish partnerships
  • Maintain clear communication between Slow Food and other RSOs
  • Communicate with Recipe Development team to develop menus for each week’s market basket
  • Work well with others and willing to help in any Slow Food efforts when necessary
  • Establish at least 4 interorganizational events 

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