Odyssey Adventurer

Internship Description

 The UW-Odyssey Project offers a University of Wisconsin-Madison humanities class for adult students facing economic barriers to college. Odyssey provides 30 students each year with a challenging college humanities class with award-winning faculty. Classes meet once/week (Wednesday evenings) from 5:30-8:30pm for an entire academic year. Childcare is provided through structured programming, run primarily by Odyssey staff in collaboration with community partners like SFUW. SFUW interns work with the Odyssey Explorers (ages 6-10) and Odyssey Adventurers (middle and high school students). Interns bring snacks and a brief engaging activity to do weekly. They spend the rest of the time building relationships with the youth and assisting them with other literary activities conducted by the Odyssey staff. Please spend some time on the Odyssey website [www.odyssey.wisc.edu] exploring and learning about the program.

Average Time Commitment

 3-4 hours per week grocery shopping, planning, and hosting activities. 

Responsibilities and Expectations 

  • Source locally
  • Using public transportation or bike (if no access to car) to get to Villager Mall on South Park Street
  • Ability to plan interactive activities 
  • Enjoy working with youth of all ages
  • Good communication skills to maintain relationships with staff, youth, and fellow intern

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