Our Vision

  • Develop a deeper understanding amongst the community of the Slow Food movement’s core values.
  • Connect future generations with a positive food experience.
  • Create a safe, inclusive, and anti-oppressive space where each person is free to connect with their food, themselves, and the community in a way that they need.
  • Provide food options that nourish a variety of dietary needs.
  • Present food as a transformative and interconnected process instead of a mere commodity.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with student and community organizations.
  • Foster relationships with food producers who are aligned with our mission.
  • Create and maintain a leadership structure that is accountable and responsible to those involved in our organization as a whole and to the slow food community at large.
  • Provide an alternative educational space where people can develop consciousness and build life skills.
  • Further encourage engagement in our community through development and integration of our membership program.
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