Outreach Internships

Recruiting for

2 community engagement interns

1 Outreach director

Interns Involved

4 community engagement interns

1 Outreach director

Project Requirements

Interns attend a weekly Outreach Team Meeting in which we discuss our Outreach Events that are happening and work collaboratively on Outreach related projects. We work to maintain a presence at various events in and around UW-Madison and produce educational and informational materials, like an internal newsletter as an example, for the interns of Slow Food UW. Additionally, this spring we are looking to resume a few cooking workshops that will be hosted by the Outreach Team and held for students on this campus.

Average Time Commitment: 3-5 hours a week

To Apply

Please email all Outreach internship applications by April 28th at midnight to Claire Girod, cgirod@wisc.edu.

Include a resume and cover letter, which must answer the following questions:

  • How did you find out about Slow Food UW?
  • How do you interpret “good, clean, fair food for all”?
  • Why do you love food?

Please follow the link below to review specific descriptions of each position.

Internship Description and Hiring Information