Outreach Internships

Interns Involved

4 Community Engagement interns
1 director


3 Community Engagement interns

Community Engagement Internship Description:

As a member of the Slow Food UW (SFUW) Outreach Project, interns are expected to contribute to the efforts of the project by creating and maintaining campus partnerships, hosting workshops centered around SFUW’s Mission Statement, and actively participating in the spread of SFUW throughout our communities. The Outreach Project works as a cohesive team, meeting weekly to discuss and plan for the various components of the project. Interns will:

  • Attend weekly Outreach team meetings
  • Facilitate the creation of new campus partnerships and agenda of workshops to hold
  • Maintain relationships with previously established partnerships, including Environmental Studies 600 Food Waste Capstone and F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Communicate regularly with Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) to plan, budget, market, and source for a series of 3-4 workshops throughout semester for 15 participants
  • Represent Slow Food UW at events on campus and in the Madison community, including but not limited to, the Student Org Fair, Sustain-a-Bash, Union South Farmers’ Market, and Global Health Week

Project Requirements

Interns attend a weekly Outreach Team Meeting in which we discuss our Outreach Events that are happening and work collaboratively on Outreach related projects. We work to maintain a presence at various events in and around UW-Madison and produce educational and informational materials, like an internal newsletter as an example, for the interns of Slow Food UW. Additionally, this spring we are looking to resume a few cooking workshops that will be hosted by the Outreach Team and held for students on this campus.

Average Time Commitment: 3-5 hours a week

To Apply

Please email all Outreach internship applications to Kate Eberle, keberle2@wisc.edu
Include a resume and cover letter, which must answer the following questions:

  • How did you find out about Slow Food UW?
  • How do you interpret “good, clean, fair food for all”?
  • Why do you love food?