Outreach Intern

Internship Description

Since 2007, our outreach efforts have been broad and diverse. In the past workshops were on topics like canning, composting, chocolate making, and other skills, monthly movie nights, lectures given by farmers and chefs, volunteer work trips to local farms, and more! More recently, the Outreach team has now been focused on working with the larger UW community such as other student organizations to help bring the ideals behind Slow Food UW to more people on campus. The Outreach Interns will work closely with our Family Dinner Night (FDN) and Cafe projects to help plan and execute collaborative events with other student and local organizations. This project requires highly dedicated, organized, and creative individuals with the freedom to create new and exciting events. 

Average Time Commitment

Varying week to week, about 3-5 hrs/week

Requirements and Expectations

  • Possess skills of leadership, delegation, active listening, critical thinking, communication, self-motivation, and problem solving.

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