The Outreach Project seeks to connect Slow Food UW with the greater UW community to increase education and engagement with a community-based food system and culture.

IMG_1356.JPGThis mission is upheld through the collaborative efforts between university and community members and organizations in hosting workshops, discussions, lectures, and outings. We work to re-establish farm to university connections, educate on the cultural importance of cooking and eating, and create opportunities for greater involvement in Slow Food UW.


Our outreach projects are:

Recipes For Change

Recipes for Change is a collaboration between Slow Food UW and Redamte Coffee House. Each month, interns reach out to UW student organizations and community partners to plan a dinner and documentary event that creates a platform for new dialogues about the community and environment.


The Cook-to-Connect project aims to promote and preserve the culture of cooking on the UW-Madison campus. Cook-to-Connect interns work to coordinate cooking workshops for beginning at-home cooks and  host workshops with community partners to teach artisanal cooking methods for more advanced cooks.

The Dormant Chef

The Dormant Chef project seeks to promote awareness to concerns in the food system, while engaging dorm residences in “How Tos” for cooking healthy, affordable meals in dorm spaces. Interns reach  out to different dorm communities to plan cooking classes for their residents. Cooking classes are compatible with the facilities available and unique to each dorm. The classes aim to emphasize the importance of cooking as a means of supporting better heath and the culture surrounding food.

Email Outreach Director Emily Sumner at esumner@wisc.edu to find out how to team up with us for an event.

 Outreach Interns

Emily Sumner, Director

Emily Taub | Cathu Liu

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