Photography Intern

Internship Description:

The photographer position focuses on attending all to most Slow Food Cafe and FDN meals, other Slow Food special events, and any collaboration or volunteer events Slow Food is a part of. This includes taking photos of the food created, the cooks, volunteers, and meal attendees (with permission). Creative photography is encouraged with the food. This position also requires editing of the photos taken and proper organization of them, with proper meal labeling. Applicants should have prior photography experience and should have a portfolio prepared upon interviewing.

Average Time Commitment

4-7 hrs/week

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Attend all to most Slow Food UW Cafe and FDN meals to obtain photos of preparation cooking as well as the meal event itself (is not required to stay the entire length of the mealtime)
  • Take photographs including but not limited to the food, the cooks, volunteers, and the event itself
  • Properly edit the photos in a visually pleasing way
  • Keep organization of the photos by meal/event for other directors and interns to access

Interested in applying? Click here!

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