Sourcing Co-Director

Position Description  

Co-directors will be responsible for organizing, communicating and carrying out all sourcing duties. These duties include collaborating within all aspects of SFUW in order to provide all ingredients and supplies needed to carry out meals and events. The co-directors are to work together and as a team to ensure that all sourcing is following the SFUW mission and purpose. Communicating within the community, with farmers and vendors is an essential part of this position. Co-directors will be responsible for purchasing, organizing, and reporting all financials from sourcing events. Financial reporting and consciousness will be necessary and an important part of this position. Reporting seasonal products to Cafe and FDN to ensure that products are being sourced both locally and sustainably. Co-directors are the main form of communication within the sourcing team to ensure productive, timely and efficient sourcing strategies. Executive decision making skills will be necessary to make any on the spot decisions, replacements and more. 

Average Time Commitment
  • Required: 4-5 hours of sourcing on Saturday or Sunday (South Madison Farmers Market) mornings, one hour of sourcing on Sunday mornings with FH.King. 
  • The directors will also be responsible for ensuring that inventory is completed on Wednesday nights after the cafe approx. 1-2 hours. 
  • Financial reporting approximately 1 hour. 
Responsibilities and Expectations  
  • Organize and carry out weekly sourcing outings, Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. 
  • Maintain good relationships between community members and SFUW 
  • Communicate between sourcing, Cafe, FDN, and finance
  • Facilitate communication within the sourcing team and interns (enforce internship expectations and responsibilities) 
  • Engage in all relationships, sourcing exchanges and opportunities with kind intentions, keeping in mind the representation of SFUW. 
Director Outcomes
  • Understand the complex interactions between all aspects of sourcing, SFUW, and the Madison community. 
  • Carry out excellent communication between all SFUW directors 
  • Form relationships within SFUW and community members 
  • Understand the importance of sourcing from local and sustainable sources

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