South Madison Internships

Did you know the South Madison Internships now count towards UW Madison’s Global Health Certificate and the Food System’s Certificate?

Contact Alan Turnquist (@alturnquist) for more information about Food System Certificate qualifications through Slow Food UW.

Click below to learn more about the application process and how to earn credit for Fall 2019.

Internship Description and Hiring Information

Project Description

Slow Food UW South Madison is a great team of interns who do fun things like have squash curry parties, host Halloween parties for kids in South Madison, and have delicious brunches together but also work hard to be involved in the community surrounding campus.  South Madison internships can be taken for credit and interns are encouraged to attend a bi-weekly class with our lovely advisor where we read and think critically about food justice and the segregation of Madison. Participation is South Madison events and volunteering with other projects is also encouraged!

Recruiting for:

2 teen snacks

1 snacks on the move

1 odyssey adventurer

1 odyssey explorer
4 snacks with scientists

3 market basket

Interns Involved

2 teen snacks

2 snacks on the move

2 teen cooking night
3 garden club
2 odyssey adventurers

2 odyssey explorers

4 snacks with scientists

4 market basket

To Apply

Please email all South Madison internship applications by April 28th at midnight to Libby Schnepf and Delaney Gobster, and Please indicate in your email which internship you will be applying for. Descriptions for open positions are detailed below.
In your email, please include a resume and cover letter, which must answer the following questions:

  • What project are you applying for, and why?
  • How did you find out about Slow Food UW?
  • How do you interpret “good, clean, fair food for all”?
  • How do you see food as a player in community engagement projects?
  • South Madison is a rich and diverse community.  How have you experienced diversity in your life? How do you make efforts to be a respectful community member in the context of diversity in racial, class, and other identities?

Please follow the link below to read specific descriptions on each position.

Internship Description and Hiring Information