South Madison Class Administrative Assistant

Global Health & Food Systems Eligible

Position Description

The class administrative assistant works intimately with the South Madison co-directors to help the South Madison class run smoothly through behind the scenes administrative work like paper grading, attendance, and other administrative duties. The class administrator has the opportunity to take on a special “legacy project” project within the South Madison branch that will enhance the program for years to come. Examples could be founding a new project, restructuring existing projects or relationships with community groups, creating a file organization system, creating a social media campaign on the South Madison branch, etc. This project is really up to you and can be as big or small as you please.

Average Time Commitment

3-5 hours per week

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Attend course meeting times to maintain an active role in the class
  • Take attendance at class and transfer to canvas
  • Grade student papers and assignments on canvas in a timely manner (no less than 1 week)
  • Manage intern reimbursements via Venmo and corresponding finance excel document
  • Manage canvas page to ensure relevant class material can be viewed by everyone
  • Coordinate with co-directors on the progress of the class and provide necessary updates
  • Create a grading scheme or follow existing
  • Take agency in the position by looking ahead on the syllabus to see what is next
  • Communicate needs or conflicts with co-directors

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