Communications Intern

Position Description

Our communications intern position is focused on external and internal communications within the Slow Food UW community. The duties of this position range from sending out our weekly newsletters, to designing posters, to taking photos in addition to creating different social media posts in order to promote our endeavors. Applicants with a passion for getting the word out about local food systems and food justice are encouraged. The ideal candidate must carry an enthusiasm for communicating via digital mediums, participating in many SFUW events, and have experience with design. 

Please indicate your area of interest when applying: Social Media, Outreach, or Photography

Average Time Commitment

2-4 hours per week

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Ensure updates on Instagram, Facebook, Google Calendar, and Newsletter with weekly menus with accurate information. This includes correct information about menus, chefs, dates, and culturally significance facts, specifically spelling, pronunciation, and language.
  • Send out a weekly newsletter 
  • Engage the Slow Food UW community over our social media platforms 
  • Attend weekly meals to create content for social media pages
  • Create Facebook, Instagram, and Google Calendar updates notifying the community about our work 
  • Promote our events and find new ways to increase turnout 
  • Experience with photography, design, and social media  
  • Communicate internally with the Slow Food UW student leaders 
  • Respond to questions and messages from the community through our social media platforms