Krista Marshall


If you can’t find Krista at the Saturday farmers market hoarding bushels of beets, you could find her hitting the running trails of Madison, crocheting up a storm, consuming absurd amounts of coffee, or battling her friends in a mean game of King of Tokyo. Krista is a senior studying Biological Systems Engineering: Natural resources and the environment, and Environmental studies. Her love for Slow Food UW stemmed from an interest in healthy, sustainable, and adventurous eating, but quickly expanded into issues involving food justice and ethics. After a year of café supplier adventures, she’s jazzed to be one of two co-executive directors for this academic school year!

Nikki Rasmussen


Nikki is a senior studying Nutritional Sciences, Life Sciences Communication, and Global Health.  Her spirit vegetable is a potato because they contain all nine essential amino acids and amino acids are the coolest macromolecule out there!  The Slow Food fam has become a huge part of Nikki’s life and she’s grateful for every second she gets to spend promoting, “good, clean, fair food for all!” She started out in the South Madison Partnership project and has now worked her way up to one of the two Co-Executive Directors.  When she’s not cooking with her fellow snails, you can find Nikki hanging out at the GreenHouse Learning Community teaching residents about the food system and sustainability, hiking with her doggo, or digging for treasure at a thrift store!

South Madison Directors:

Caleb Escobedo


Becca Kaye



Family Dinner Night Director:

Jenna Green


Jenna Green is a senior studying Kinesiology with certificates in African studies and gerontology. She has been a part of SlowFood UW’s Family Dinner Night for the past 3 semesters and has LOVED every nanosecond. When not making food, Jenna likes to go on runs (the hungrier you are the more food you can eat am I right?), hammock, and soak up all the great opportunities Madison has to offer.  Next year she will be a graduate student at UW-Madison and is beyond thrilled, because that means three more years of SlowFood action.

Cafe Director:

Scott Lawson;


Outreach Director:

Jessie Perez;


Finance Director:

Camille Kelleher


Communications Director:

Jordan Salinksy


I am a junior from the city of Milwaukee, double majoring in Community and Environmental Sociology and Environmental Studies. It is my 4th semester in Slow Food UW but my 1st as Communications Director! I was previously part of the South Madison project as a Teen Cooking Night intern and then as an Outreach Workshop intern. I am excited to expand my knowledge about “good, clean, fair food for all” in relation to our campus and local communities and to keep learning and growing. Over the summer, I was lucky enough to travel throughout Israel and eat my weight in hummus, celebrating my favorite legume. If I were a vegetable, I’d be a beet.