Internship Applications

We are no longer accepting internship applications for Spring 2023. Internship applications for Fall 2023 will be released in late Spring 2023.

Internships with Slow Food UW allow UW-Madison students to engage with food system issues according to their interests & availability. As a student-run organization & business, membership changes each semester & year and offers the flexibility to grow to fit the needs of the individuals involved. Internships require 2-15 hours of responsibilities per week. Individual internship responsibilities differ depending on the subgroup of SFUW. Please see the application questions below.

1. First & Last Name

2. Pronouns

3. Phone Number

4. Year in School

5. What is your major? Please include any certificates you are pursuing.

6. Are you pursuing this internship to receive field experience/independent study credit for a certificate? If yes, how many?

7. Do you have a car?

8. Please access and/or review our internship requirements and open positions on our website under the drop down menu titled “Internship Applications” prior to answering the following questions. Thank You! (

9. What position are you applying for?

10. If not selected for your top choice, which other internship positions are you interested in?

11. Why are you interested in this/these position? (In <1000 words please describe why you would like to be apart of the project and position you are applying for and any relevant experience.

12. How do you interpret “good, clean, fair food for all”? (Please answer in <500 words)

13. Please paste a link to a copy of your resume.

14. Please paste a link to a copy of your Spring 2023 academic schedule.

15. Please leave any additional information that you would like us to know in the space provided below.

Thank you for your application!


Can I receive credit for my internship?

Please seen our page about the South Madison Independent Study here.

How long are internships?

Internships last one semester, at which point the intern has the option to continue in the same position, apply for a different internship in the organization, or complete the internship.

What will be expected of me?

Juggling the commitment of a SFUW internship on top of school, work and other extracurriculars (and a social life!) can be a tricky balance. Different internship positions have different day-to-day requirements and expected time commitments so that individuals can match their interest, capacity and schedule to these expectations.

SFUW requires all interns to meet the goals that they and their advisor set throughout the semester if they are receiving credit, as well as the organization’s responsibilities and expectations.  With completion of the internship at the end of the semester, interns are able to list their experience on their resume and are able to request an official letter of recommendation from their project director.

Am I eligible?

All UW-Madison students are eligible to apply.

Can I apply to more than one internship?

Students are welcome to apply to more than one internship, but will only be accepted for one position. We encourage all students interested in becoming SFUW interns to volunteer with the organization and learn more about the projects and internships prior to/during the application process.

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