South Madison Independent Study

Course Description

This independent study session is intended to supplement your SFUW internship and provide a forum for discussion about the projects as well as community and food justice-related topics. We will review intern updates each independent study session before covering local events/news and then discussing assigned readings via Canvas. The weekly meetings are an opportunity for interns to stay connected with each other, get group feedback and learn more about the communities and issues related to our programming. Those participating in the independent study will have additional weekly internship-specific requirements depending on their accepted internship position. You must apply for an internship at SFUW to receive any credit or be enrolled into the South Madison Independent Study class.


The class meets once a week for 1-hour. Interns pursuing the class will be able to use their 1-2 credits after completion as their field experience for the following certificates: Global Health, Food Systems, Organic Agriculture, Sustainability, and Environmental Studies. We strongly encourage potential independent study students to speak with their academic advisors about how the SFUW South Madison Independent Study can fulfill their field experience requirement.

As an independent study class, we will strive to be supportive, open-minded, and empathetic in our discussions as we navigate topics that are inherently uncomfortable. Interns can also feel free to contact the course facilitator, advisor, or instructor with concerns or questions about the material.

For more information, please feel free to look at the independent study session’s learning plan (syllabus).

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