Cafe Co-Director

Position Description

Cafe co-directors are responsible for working with the other co-director(s) to create the weekly menus, scaling ingredients, communicating with the sourcing and finance directors, holding weekly meetings, and leading the intern team in the kitchen. Each week, cafe co-directors are responsible for cooking on Tuesdays, serving on Wednesdays, maintaining interns accountable for their duties, answering kitchen/cooking questions from interns, and directing the kitchen interns during service. The cafe director position is for someone equally as passionate about cooking and sustainability and is excited to share that with their interns and the greater UW community. The cafe co-director position requires leadership, communication skills, and flexibility.

Average Time Commitment

  • 10-15 hours per week, depending on efficiency in the kitchen & complexity of menu
    • This includes time spent on both Tuesday preparation, Wednesday service, and menu planning throughout the week.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Welcoming and coordinating between volunteers and interns of many backgrounds
  • Being an organized leader in the kitchen, making sure to follow food safety regulations
  • Working with Cafe interns and the sourcing team to plan the weekly menu
  • Emailing organizations, restaurants, and student organizations to collaborate with for our events (Work with the Outreach team on this)
  • Availability on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings and afternoons

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