Café Cooking Intern

Internship Description

Cafe interns will work within a team to prep, cook, and serve food on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This position allows interns to gain better kitchen skills, communication skills in the kitchen, and leadership skills. Each week interns prep food on Tuesdays between classes – the kitchen is open from 9 am – 8 pm. Interns and directors will be coming through the crossing kitchen to prep the food to be ready for Wednesday – following the “prep sheet” that is created and shared with all of the interns. On Wednesday, interns will prep and serve the food to the slow food community. It is the intern’s responsibility to help clean up the kitchen after service. Interning for a cafe is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the kitchen, learn new kitchen skills, and get a taste of what running an actual restaurant feels like. Slow Food interns are a part of a larger community of people passionate about sustainability, collaboration, and making a difference in their community. 

Average Time Commitment

  • at least 5 hours per week, spent on either Tuesday preparation or Wednesday service/clean up

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • If you have experience cooking or working in a kitchen that is fantastic BUT it is not required! The kitchen is a learning environment! 
  • Prep meals by cutting vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. and following recipes (or creating recipes!)
  • Cleaning kitchen and eating area after meals 
  • Positive attitudes & willingness to finish the meal!
  • Ability to communicate with others 
  • Commit and show up for hours during prep and meal times 
Internship Outcomes
  • Time management skills
  • Cooking skills 
  • Meet some great people 
  • Problem solving skills
  • Connection to the community

Interested in applying? Click here!

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