Café/FDN Logistics Intern

Position Description

The Café/FDN Logistics intern(s) will be responsible for setting up, running, and closing down the check-in table at Monday night FDN and/or Wednesday afternoon Café. This includes taking orders, collecting donations, completing customer transactions. The logistics intern will also assist the Slow Food team in special events, such as collaborations with other organizations or fundraising events. Experience with customer service and spreadsheets is recommended but not required. Any candidate regardless of experience can apply as long as they are willing to learn and improve their skills. A successful intern is customer-facing and adaptive, working towards the logistics team’s collective goal to bring fresh, local food to our customers at sustainable and equitable prices.

Average Time Commitment

  • 2-4 hrs per week, depending on whether there is one or two total logistics interns
    • Must be available on Monday evenings to manage cash boxes at FDN.
    • Must be available on Wednesday afternoons to manage cash boxes at Café.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Closely monitor all of Café/FDN finances (cash and Venmo) 
  • Set up check-in table, create weekly expense reports & manage cash register
  • Work with the Café/FDN Director to establish weekly prices for menu items
  • Assist in non-recurring events such as organizational collaborations and fundraising events as needed
  • Dedication to community service through excellent customer service skill
  • Flexible to new challenges and occasional chaotic working conditions
  • Punctual, quick thinker who can be an asset to the logistics team
  • Able to attend weekly directors meeting
  • Collaborate with the Financial Director to ensure that Café is a financially successful project while still maintaining Slow Food UW’s value to share “good, clean, and fair food for all.”

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