Sourcing Intern

Position Description

Sourcing interns will be working within a team to source good, clean, fair food for all. This position allows an intern to interact within the Slow Food UW community and beyond. Each week the team will source produce and other goods for two meals, FDN and Cafe for the following week. All goods are to be sourced locally, sustainably and with local markets in mind. It is an intern’s responsibility to help keep those values and objectives in mind, collaborate as a team and represent SFUW throughout the community. Interns will also be responsible for helping with inventory, and financial reporting/planning. Sourcing is a great opportunity to engage with local food systems and make a difference in what we provide here at SFUW

Average Time Commitment
  • 4 hours every week, Saturday mornings will begin around 8am, and end around 12pm.
  • Throughout the semester, the intern will be required to work 1-2 hours in addition to Saturday sourcing, which will include inventory or F.H. King sourcing on Sunday mornings. Intern must complete both at least once throughout the semester.
Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Attend weekly sourcing outings on Saturday mornings
    • While it is generally expected that interns will attend Saturday sourcing sessions weekly, we understand if scheduling conflicts arise. If you frequently miss, it is expected that you will volunteer in other areas of SFUW to make up for missed time. 
  • Maintain good communication with directors and other interns
  • Engage with all sourcing steps, and take initiative during sourcing
    • This includes taking kitchen inventory, recording financials during purchases, etc.
  • Access to a car is not mandatory, but incredibly helpful!
Internship Outcomes
  • Collaborate with other SFUW interns, create a safe and welcoming environment and HAVE FUN! 
  • Learn about and value the mission of SFUW and how sourcing plays into this team
  • Form relationships with local Madison farming community by engaging with local food systems
  • Understand the value of sourcing local and sustainable food while supporting local food economies
  • Understand the complexity that sourcing food has on a community, students, and organization members 
  • Have unforgettable, amazing, spectacular, fun and just awesome experiences!:)

Interested in applying? Click here!

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