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Slow Food-UW (SFUW) is a campus chapter of the international Slow Food movement, whose mission is to support access to “good, clean, fair food.” In response to the growing geographical, socioeconomic, and cultural barriers between low-income residents and healthy food, SFUW students initiated efforts in the fall of 2009 to bridge this divide. The food justice work led by SFUW members has led to lasting partnerships between SFUW and the South Madison Farmers’ Market, the Badger Rock Charter Middle School, and the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery. These partnerships aim to create dialogue and bridge cultural differences between local diverse communities using food as a universal experience.

General Internship Description

The South Madison Internships are comprised of a great team of interns who do fun things like have squash curry parties, host Halloween parties for kids in South Madison, and have delicious brunches together but also work hard to be involved in the community surrounding campus.  Past internships have involved South Madison internships can be taken for credit and interns are encouraged to attend a weekly class with our lovely advisor where we read and think critically about food justice and the segregation of Madison. Participation is South Madison events and volunteering with other projects is also encouraged!

Badger Rock Garden Class Internship

Position Description

Badger Rock Middle School is a charter school located in South Madison. The Badger Rock garden class is one of many progressive environmental based programs that promotes hands-on learning in the garden and kitchen. The garden class is run by Sarah Karlson, among many other wonderful staff, that engages students through activities in their greenhouse, garden and even bee keeping! They grow a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. In the kitchen, students prepare a variety of dishes varying from homemade pasta to sushi. Slow Food interns have the opportunity to aid the teaching staff in helping out with the garden class by showing the kids proper cooking methods, teaching students how to run and benefit from a garden, and making connections with students. For this position, access to a car is not required but highly recommended, however, if you are interested in the position please do not be deterred by this information.

Average Time Commitment
  • 2 hours per week depending on how many days of class you can attend
Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Arrive at Badger Rock on a timely manner
  • Ability to lean into controlled chaos and engage kids fearlessly.
  • Attentive communications with project lead and interns (~10 total)

“It is really refreshing to get outside of campus and immerse yourself with the garden, the kids, the kitchen and everything that happens in-between. I have learned a lot about what it takes to rebuild a resilient and healthy community.” ~Reuben, Badger Rock intern Fall 2022

“I chose to become a Badger Rock intern because I wanted to expand my idea of community and food sovereignty beyond what I was being taught in classrooms. Being able to engage and learn from both the staff and students at Badger Rock has truly changed how I see myself as part of the larger Madison community.”~Shea “I love how connected Badger Rock is to their community.”~Soni, Badger Rock intern Fall 2022

Snacks with Scientists Internship

Position Description

The Snacks with Scientists team coordinates activities for groups of kids at local community centers. The WID (Wisconsin Institute for Discovery) connects Slow Food interns and provides resources to foster connections with children at local community centers. Interns teach  science-related activities that are fun and interactive. After the activity, the interns also provide the kids with a healthy snack. Overall, we encourage the kids to be curious about science and food they are consuming!


“My favorite part of Snacks With Scientists is getting to meet students in the local Madison community. It is always rewarding to bring a fun new snack for the students to try while also engaging them in STEM activities which may spark their curiosity for the future.”~Karson“My favorite part of Snacks with Scientists is seeing the excitement on kids’ faces when they get to learn about science and share their thoughts and experiences with us.” ~Ketan, Snacks with Scientist intern Fall 2022

Average Time Commitment
  • Tuesday and/or Thursday availability 12:30-2:30pm is required

Snacks on the Move Intern

Position Description

Move and groove with an older adult exercise class aimed to promote movement in older age called Get Movin’. Snacks on the Move intern’s main objective is providing a healthy and innovative snack following the Get Movin’ fitness class. But interns are also encouraged stay after class and develop relationships with participants. This is a great internship for people who enjoy working with older adults!

Average Time Commitment
  • 3-4 hours per week preparing a snack for an older adult exercise class
  • Thursday availability 12:30-2:30pm required
Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Enjoy working with older adults
  • Good communication skills to maintain relationships with staff, older adults, and fellow intern

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